Monday, June 18

Color my day

I love coloring books when Im still young and up to this time. I really dont know how to draw that's why. That is my greatest wish to draw or to paint but this wish is granted by the help of Free Coloring Pages . Where I can upload pen and ink art work for free just register.

This is also a great site for all children specially for girls. There are a lot of pictures to choose from and also for special occassions. This is how to do it. You can change the colors by choosing at the palette feature. Then click the area of the picture you like to fill in. Its just that how easy at the same time you have fun. The best thing with is you can download, save, print and share your work to friends by sending its URL . Your friends can also change the color they like. The kind in the house is now fascinated with this site. She has made a lot of coloring works. She is now more behave and productive these days from the time this was intoduced to her. She even asked us to print her works and pasted it in her room. I choose the some to be framed and displayed at the pathway area. I am really thankful to this site because the kid in the house I baby sit is well behave.

Calling all parents and kids out there try, a creative and educational site to develop your artistic and creativeness.

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