Wednesday, June 27

Comfort during summer days

Its been a month since our bedroom and workroom were renovated and up to this time i haven’t yet done with my finishing touches. The furnishings were properly placed, the curtains were hanged, the plants as accessory, the lamps were lighted and the bedsheets matched the bed. But its still incomplete because of this wide window glass. I need a good curtain that match on it. But during summer, the room is warm because of it doesnt have a shade protector. And so I am looking a wood blinds suited for the room. I already check up the market but I didnt find any. Until I found it in the net. I asked a friend to ordered it for me . And so upon giving her the details she ordered immediately because they are on 3 days sale and to be delivered soon as free. I was able to save 25% and I will use that as payment when the parcel arrived here send by my friend.
This time around, I will enjoy the warm summer days in the comfort of my work room while I do my work.

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