Friday, June 22


Its officially summer here according to calendar, but strong rains and floods welcome it. Heres the news about it from DW world. Across Europe drenching storms and a blistering heatwave have claimed dozens of lives. Rain-flooded dams have burst in Sweden as a heatwave continues to scorch southern Europe with temperatures reaching over 110 degrees.
In Athens the temperature climbed to 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius) on Tuesday, a 50-year high. The prolonged heat has emergency workers working overtime and has caused dozens of forest fires throughout the country.
According to Greek officials, the heat wave is the worst the country has seen in 110 years and has claimed the lives of more than seven people.
"We have 100 ambulances stationed and on full alert in the capital," emergency services chief Nikos Papaefstathiou said. "We have more emergency calls today than in the past days but we are urging people to call only if they are in real need."
On Cyprus, two elderly people died as electrical workers went on strike causing power cuts throughout the country.
Wet and Hot
Residents of northern England continue to dig out from floods that hit the country over the past few days. The floods which have been
Officials in Worcestershire, west-central England, confirmed the fourth death after police found the body of a driver whose car was swept away by floodwater, emergency services said.
In South Yorkshire authorities were still monitoring a dam which is threatening to burst and has forced the evacuation of some 700 residents. Around the country flood levels are reported to be receding.
"The situation is improving, river levels are falling, and obviously a massive clean-up is underway,“ David Rook, head of flood defense at the Environment Agency, told BBC Radio.
Northern Germany experienced wind gusts of over 60 mph as the storm passed just to the north of the country.

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