Wednesday, June 27

Vacation from Florida

A friend of mine was treated by her relative for a Florida vacation. Her uncle won a lottery and they had a family reunion in Orlando vacation home. My friend was very happy when she arrived last week. She told me that finally she met her other relatives which she didn't meet for a long years. Most of her relatives live in California and in Hawaii. Her family also live in California . She prefer staying here because of her job but someday she's looking forward to be with her parents soon.

That occasion was very memorable for her. She showed me a lot of pictures she took. The vacation was really great she wanted to stay there for long. The place where they stayed was 1 hour from the beach and 5 minutes to the shops. She like so much the vacation house because it has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms,and includes everything from a fully equipped kitchen to a private swimming pool and spa. Her uncle really gave his best to make their family bond more tightly.

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