Wednesday, July 11

back home

the wooden staircase of the embassy

I went back home 2 hours ago and went back here 2 hours also. heheh... what im talking about is i went to embassy while ago to renew my pass. the embassy office is the same pinoy style including the staircase, the furnitures and the employees. we travel early in the morning because i was instructed that there were many people and the embassy closes at 1pm. I was also instucted na dun na magpa pic. And request a new pass to be delivered by mail and so buy also envelop and stamps. with this complicated instruction ive learned from a fellow who just recently renewed her pass. it sounds very un organized to me. so i consulted the embassy website and there ive learned the procedures. i printed and filled out the form. i recoppied my old pass. i did a photo shot here in the photo studio and told the photographer the exact measurement, with white background and a full face shot. when we arrived there there where no many people and the transaction was smoothly done injust 5 minutes. And requested to pick it up after 2 days compared to the mail one for a week delivery. And so that was my great thanks to internet of cource heheh...

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maiylah's snippets said...

hahaha. talaga?
the internet is indeed a blessing ... sometimes. or most of the time. :)

happy weekend, ju! :)