Tuesday, July 10

happy anniv to us!

To my dear H, I thank God for giving you my partner in life whom I regard as my precious gift. I always pray to Him to help us whatever life’s burden brings, so we can still share its joys and sorrows. That will make us stand and endure the strength of our marriage vows. And the love and faith we have. Happy anniversary my H! here’s to our dreams, our memories, and all our tomorrows. Cheers to Us!

Thanks to all your greetings! This inspiring story is for you…

They have been married for a long time. As usual they have their ups and downs. One day they had a big fight over his long working hours and things are falling apart. He was disappointed and she was angry. After one week of silence treatment from her wife, he approached her with papers and pencils. He suggested that both of them sit down on the dining table and write down on paper what they are not happy about each other. They will then exchange the papers and discuss.

So the wife started to write without looking up because she has a lot to write about her frustration. The husband took a long look at the wife and he too started to write. After fifteen minutes of writing, they look at each other and exchange the papers.

The husband looked at the paper full of complaints. She was angry. When the wife looked at his paper, she was embarrassed and quickly tears away her own paper. On his paper, he wrote for two full pages:

“I love you, honey”

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