Monday, July 23

Listening to learn

Sometimes it is better to listen than to talk. Being an introvert lol! I prefer listening than talking thats why I avail the audio of the new Harry Potter. On being introvert I always remember this short story. Let me share it to you. "A meeting was going on in the forest. The Creature-beings were trying to sort out the problems caused by the latest migrations of their northern neighbors that were affecting their food supply. The Great Ice Mountains made it necessary for the northern Relations to flee the cold of encroaching glaciers, forcing them into the territories of these concerned forest dwellers.

Magpie was chattering away while the other creatures listened to her recent experiences. Rabbit then added his point of view, complaining about having to ask the newcomers to respect the needs of creatures who had always lived in this forest. Chipmunk piped up and reminded the others to focus on solutions that would allow everyone to be fed. Fox and Wolf agreed, each adding a solution, while Squirrel gathered all the information. Bluejay noticed that Bear had not said a thing.

Finally, Bluejay asked Bear why she was so silent, and Bear replied, "I'm listening and learning. I don't need to talk; I already know what I know."

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