Monday, July 9

Man's best friend

How I wish to have a pet dog in the house but it is not allowed. My SIL owned a chitzu name Niky. She is love by everyone in the family. She is well feed and groom. The first time she saw me she is already friendly. She loves going out with us when not raining. She is little bit afraid of water. And so she take a bath once in 2 weeks. To prevent her from fleas. She was groom properly. Her hair is cut short. SIL trained her also where she should stay in house. In her basket most of the time and not in the sofa or bed. SIL also have flea spray and always vacuum their house. She dont use also carpets in her house. With this practice from SIL, Niky is protected from fleas and so her family.

Niky is also well fed with Premium dog food. She has also taking supplements and vitamins. Every month she visit her veterinarian to keep her always fit and healthy. When SIl are in vacation they leave her at MIL and she is also well behave. Sometimes I also volunteer to go for a walk with her along the neighborhood. She is really a lovely pet.

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