Monday, July 23

A Shoe For All Occasions

Do you own one pair of shoe for all occasion? You dont believe it dont you? Here is an insipng story to encourage us.She liked to walk, so she walked. From years of walking, the bottoms of her feet had become hard and leathery. Even so, there were places she could not go-where the stones were too sharp or the sand too hot. She came across another who wore curious things on his feet that allowed traversing of the forbidden zones. So, she fashioned shoes of her own and ventured into unfamiliar territory.

The further she walked, the colder it got. It began to snow, which made travel exceedingly difficult. She had an idea. With larger extended versions of her shoes, she discovered that she could move across the surface without sinking. So she moved on. Eventually, she came to the edge of a large ocean, and try as she might, she could not get her shoes to prevent her from sinking. She could go no further. As she reflected on this circumstance, she realized that she no longer knew where she had come from of where she was going. So she returned to the snow and walked around because she liked to walk.

Others came and went, but none could walk on the snow as easily and as gracefully as she. She was content. Then one day, the snow began to melt and the grass began to grow. Soon there was a rich carpet of green. Her shoes hindered her movements, so she took them off. But the bottoms of her feet were now soft and sensitive, and the grass tickled her toes. She reached down to feel the grass with her hands. She lay down to smell the sweetness and she rolled on her back. For the first time, she looked up to see the sky and she wondered "had it been there all along?".

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