Monday, July 9

weekend furniture hunting

Last weekend we spend the day hunting a couch center table at a different furniture shops. But sad to say I didnt find what I really like and wanted to have. I like this kind of Century furniture. They are elagant and sturdy that can last for years. What I really like with this kind of furniture is they are easily maintain just a simple wipe or dust cleaner will do.

I asked SIL where can we find a good furniture buys. She suggested a nice website and viola I found what I am looking for. A traditional cheery grove round cocktail table. It has glass insert on top and a one fixed shelf at the bottom. SIL will do the ordering for me and I wish she will make also the payment for it lol!. Her friend is just near the dealer shop. They still negogiating for it by next week probpably will be delivered soon. What a great suggestion from SIL.

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