Friday, August 17

8 Random things about me

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A miniature of The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

I was tag by Teacher Julie. so here are the 8 random things about me:
I am a Virgonian. I was born before the day of my mom’s birthday. We are both September Girls. by the way highway my birthday is September 1 :lol:

I was born in Philippines and now an expat in the land of beer and sausages.

A typical homebody, shy type hates to be center of attraction so I always ended up as an audience not a performer.

I have household chores schedule but I didn’t follow it. My idea of cleaning a mess is to throw away everything I see not in order.

I love to eat chocolates and sweets goodies as well as sour and chilly.

I can dance but can't sing. Can't swim and can't drive too.

I wear M or L size, for shoes size 7 and as of now I'm 64 kg. my height is 5''4.

Lastly, I am a computer freak! :grin:

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