Tuesday, August 21

A fairytale trip

I love our last weekend trip, we spend it along the river, we walked up and down the hills and wandered in the forest. During the trip we visited old castles where knights lived before. We tried also a mini ship cruise along the river. There are a lot of tourist scattered around because its one of the greatest tourist spot in that area. There are also souvenirs shops and the market place is always full of people. During our mini ship cruise we stayed at the deck to have a great look of the sceneries. There are a lot of camping site too along the river. We tried also riding a cable car going up a mountain which took only 6 minutes. We stayed in one of the Condo Hotels along the river and down the hill which have a castle on top of it. The hotel have medieval outlook and even the furnitures. We slept in a canopy bed. The trip was full of fun and excitement we enjoyed it a lot including the foods served.

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