Monday, August 13

Rockin' Girl Blogger

I was awarded two times as Rockin' Girl Blogger by OPINIONMOM and MAIYLAH. Thank you ladies I truly appreciate your one of a kind thoughtfulness!

Its my turn to pass the luck!

and the award for Rockin' Girl Blogger has been declared!

and it goes to you!

'coz no one can ever compete with you!

Racky - Say you...Say me

Nona - A Day in a Life

Wendy - The Maven

Karen - Malaya

take it! take it!

4 comments: said...

I look forward to visiting some of the new rockin' bloggers. Go us!!

malaya said...

wow! tenk you...tenk you.

i'll take, it...i'll take it!

racky said...

let's rock n' roll!!! open house ang RACKYROAD heheheh

danke danke ;)

wendy said...

Oh mah goodness (teary eyes)
Am not expecting this...

Ehem... thank you very much for this award... oh my goodness, speechless ako (ang arte talaga).

Mamah, thank you very much... mwah mwah mwah... love you all!