Wednesday, August 15

To be insured

Last weekend we spend it along the river of Mosel, we went up and down the hills and wandered in the forest. We visited old castles where knights lived before. We tried also a mini ship cruise along the river. There are a lot of tourist there because its one of the greatest tourist spot in that area. During our mini cruise their are a lot of camping site along the river. They have also their own boat and can drive along the river. I was so curious and I wish we can own one. Hub explained in details how to have one from availing driver's license to boat insurance. I love the scene in here very close to nature. We stayed also in a castle hotel the rooms were decorated like a castles theme including the furnitures. We slept in a canopy bed it was very romantic. The breakfast was also inclusive. The hotel has swimming pool and sauna. On the second day we tried to visit another castle, we walked again up and down the hills. We tried also to ride the cable car. It was a fantastic weekend full of funs and excitement.

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