Sunday, August 19

Weekend party

It was a busy weekend last week due to the my inlaws 70th birthday. From preparation, party invitations to the actual event and from packing up. Thanks to all the members of the family we made everyone happy specially the celebrants and we all indeed enjoy the party. It was friday afternoon when we started to prepare the venue a rented parish hall. We, the women were in charged of decoration, and the dinner utensils. the men on sounds, cleanliness, chairs and tables. Our boss is elder SIL. The grandchildren were not also excuse they were in charged in serving the drinks. The event started at 6pm saturday night, the guest were relatives and friends from my inlaws. as an appetizer cocktails and champagne were served. The guest was also entertained by a singing couple. The buffet was opened by a speech from FIL and a wine toast from MIL. At the course of the dinner my other SIL and her kids presented their surprise... a different flavor cakes which she personally baked. And an ice cake with 70 candles which was blown by my inlaws. Some friends and relatives also made their wishes and speech for the celebrant. After dinner the floor was opened for a dance by the celebrant and whoever want to dance too. The affair ended up at 3am and everyone have a happy face heading home for it was great party celebrating a 70 year of lively life.

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