Friday, September 7

Deadly Ice Cream Tubs Blamed for Hedgehog Deaths

It seems that it's not only humans who can't get enough of McDonald's McFlurry ice creams. Those soft ices mixed with all manner of delicious toppings are truly one of the fast food chains more brilliant ideas and a cornerstone of 21st century civilization. However, this has not gone unnoticed by Nuremberg's more prickly residents who have discovered for themselves those chilly scoops of heaven.

It seems that the local Hedgehogs are crazy in love with McFlurry's and in their deranged pursuit of discarded ice cream treats are putting their lives at risk. While it is unknown what a diet of ice cream can do to a hedgehog -- apart from making rolling into a ball a more laborious exercise -- it is not the product itself which is proving deadly but the receptacle.

After finding a number of hedgehogs dead with their heads stuck in McFlurry containers, local authorities and McDonald's bigwigs have been put on alert. It seems that when attracted to the discarded tubs, the hedgehog deliriously follows his or her nose into it in search of a sweet reward. After licking up the remains, the hedgehog then tries to reverse out of the tub only to find that its quills get stuck in the plastic ring around the entrance. Trapped with no escape, the hedgehog slowly starves to death.

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sasha said...

Kawawang hedgehog... cute pa naman na-stuck tuloy!