Sunday, September 23

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"I'm gay and it's good that way" is certainly the most famous quote by Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit, who outed himself publicly with the statement just six days before becoming the German capital's leader on June 16, 2001. It's no wonder that Wowereit, a Social Democrat, chose the second half of the phrase as the title for his autobiography, which was published this week. Wowereit -- pictured here on the right with his partner Jörn Kubicki, a neurosurgeon, following the mayor's re-election in September 2006 -- continues to half-heartedly brush off suggestions that he's interested in the German chancellorship. But observers see his book as an indirect application to the German population for the country's top job. According to a survey released on Sunday, Sept. 23, 79 percent of Germans say that they would not have a problem with a gay chancellor.

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