Friday, September 7

Trip to heaven?

A 53-year-old German woman en route to pay her respects to a dead relative behaved less than respectably and ended up booked for drunk driving through a graveyard.

The woman was sighted driving erratically into a cemetery in the southern town of Mitterteich on a track running through it, before she veered off as she appeared to struggle to control her car.

The reckless rampage destroyed a series of headstones and tombs before the driver landed in someone's grave.

Witnesses alerted local police, who arrived at the scene of the crime and soon established the woman had been driving over the legal alcohol limit.

"Eventually she ended up stuck in a grave and couldn't get out, so we had to pull her out," a spokesman said. "She said she'd come to visit one of her relatives' graves."

Police estimated the total damage to the cemetery and the car at around 18,000 euros ($24,000).

There's not a ghost of a chance the woman can avoid footing at least part of the bill herself. After all, you might be able to cheat death, but you can't cheat the insurance company.


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