Friday, October 5

Picture of the day

A cuckoo chick, otherwise known as Cuculus canorus, demands food from its nanny, a reed warbler. Cuckoos lay their eggs in other birds' nests and depend on them to raise their young. The thankless cuckoos knock out any other eggs or freshly born chicks in the nest, and leave it to the nannies to raise the cuckoos as only children. German nature conservation group NABU declared the cuckoo "bird of the year" for 2008 on Friday. Though they aren't yet on the list of endangered species, their survival is dependent on that of the birds they choose as nannies, mainly reed warblers, robins, meadow pipits, red-backed shrikes and wagtails. At most 100,000 cuckoo couples live in Germany nowadays.

source dw-world

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