Tuesday, February 12


In the middle of my presentation to the board during our end of month meeting, my mobile phone kept of vibrating inside my suit's pocket making me very uncomfortable. For a moment I was like 'uhm.. uhm..' And the people who were listening to me were all smiling at me. So I reached for it inside my pocket and turned it off. And a few seconds later I got back on tract of my discussion. After the meeting, I found out it was my dad who was calling earlier. So I gave him a return call. He was a bit mad at me because I rejected his call. I told him I was sorry. He told me its fine but he sounded very disappointed while informing me that he was suppose to tell me to pick up my mom from the next town because he is going out with some friends who received Kentucky Derby party invitations. Feeling so guilty, I bought him tickets to a horse race the next weekend. Though he told me I should have not, I still felt his gratefulness of what I have done for him.

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