Monday, October 20

Just a day

My classmates in high school visited me today. They have no any scheduled activity that’s why they decided to come over. It’s a coincidence that I prepared some food. I was bored so I decided to cook chicken baked macaroni thinking that when mom and dad come home from work they will enjoy eating the baked macaroni after a long tiring day. Since my classmates come over I let them ate some of the bake Mac. We had some chats about our other classmates on how are they doing after the graduation last March 2006. I was surprised that they were visiting my high school crush in a drug rehabilitation center. They said that he had been using drugs for almost a year now and his parents decided to put him there. I realized that life is so playful. He was so nice when we were still in high school that’s why I admired him. I felt sad for him and prayed that he will be out at the center any time soon.

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