Sunday, October 26

My choice

I’ve been researching for some expensive lingerie in the world and some of the lingerie that some of the Hollywood actors would use in special occasions. I saw some of the designs and they are so expensive. I calculated some of the expensive lingerie and I guess if I want to buy it, I should work straight without spending my salary for 2 years and 6 months. I would just buy some of the signature lingerie of some designers here. I also saw some swimwear. It was a simple designed by a popular Italian designer. Maybe that swimwear was designed for the granddaughter of a royal queen in England.

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Lingerie said...

Wow! I absolutely love your pictures.

I was wondering if someone knew a good place to get bridal lingerie. I found a place called and I'm about to order something because they had everything like sexy lingerie, babydoll lingerie, , regular lingerie, bustier, corset, teddys, and sexy costumes.

I would really appreciate if someone could reply and help me find a place because I we all know we want our wedding to be perfect.