Friday, March 19

Hook in games

During my childhood days, dolls fascinated me. I had collection of baby dolls from big to small. All of them were cared for with kindness, affection, nourished, and put to bed. As I became a bit older, paper dolls started to attract my attention. I had lots of them, and I still remember my feelings of joy spending hours clipping and playing with the paper dolls and their fashionable clothes and accesories for different occasions. As I become a teen my little sisters adopted my toys until they stored them in garage because of the new trend barbie.

That was our childhood days, today children's play are now in front of computers or tv. Because of the blooming virtual games. Not only children go crazy about this including the adults and of course me! I have fun playing this computer puzzle games like dress up, fashion designer, makeover and hair style wonders. LoL!

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