Saturday, March 6

Old Friend

My dad was supervising some lighting fixture installation outside the house this morning when our neighbor dropped by the house because he saw the installation going on. My neighbor was my friend back in college. He just got back from Dubai, where he worked after college. I really don’t know what happened to him ever since because he was not communicating with his friends. I was surprised to see him. I even almost not recognized him. After he talked to the carpenters and to my dad, I invited him in for snacks. There were so many things to tell. I told him, me and our other friends had been worried about him. He said he had no time during his first years there. All he did was to work. And when his schedule permitted him to communicate with us, he did not know how. I was laughing at him because he does not use the internet. He said he is into manpower work and does not know about computers anymore. After that, I called some of our friends to visit me at home because I have a surprise for them. :-)

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