Thursday, April 1

Wish me luck

I received an email from friendster last week informing me to add a friend in my list. To my surprised as I look into the picture oh my! an elementary friend that I haven't seen and heard no news from her for a long time. She is now base in Canada and still single. I tried to send her email and luckyly she's online too. We chated to exchange our longingness for each other. She told me how she made it in Canada to work. I was interested how did she made it and so she related it to me that at first she was employed in Hongkong until she found in the internet this job offer. Then she applied online by uploading her resume. The next day she had an email for final interview and she's got the job. This is interesting I will also find luck in thos jobs offers online. Who knows I will have a new job soon. Wish me luck!

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