Monday, July 5

Summer destination

Our summer destination this year will in UK. We have three choices of hotels in london, manchester and in birmingham. The hotels should be 5km to the city centre, 6km to the train Station and 8km to the airport. We like also that our hotel is near the view of london eye or the millennium wheel. We prefer hotels with great facilities at an affordable prices. These are really nice hotels which was recommended by a friend when they had their vacation there last year.

We like to visit UK because of its great cultural infrastructure specially the , Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British Monarch. Its nice also to experience shopping in Mayfair's main shopping streets. A very exciting about this trip is the chance to view the Piccadilly Circus. And a chance to have dinner at The Queen Elizabeth 2 Conference Centre. I'm sure we will really enjoy this trip.

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