Sunday, September 5

Keep in touch

I was online this morning when an old friend added me in his list. It was actually a surprise to communicate with him. He was a friend back in college. After graduation, we parted ways and somehow lost track with each other’s lives. The last news that I learned about him was that he was in the city working as a manager in one of the fast food chains.

Now he is in abroad working as a manager in the same fast food chain. He was sent there after two years of training in the country. He just got his new laptop that is why it’s just now that he contacted everyone. He said it’s cheaper if he connects with his family through internet than through phone calls. We had so many updates about each other that it took us almost four hours just chatting. He was telling me that we should have a get-together when he will have his vacation next year. I told we have to keep the communication so that we could push through with his plans.

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