Monday, November 1

Party soon

Two of our employees, Mona and Kathy will be getting married to their respective fiancées next month. Our boss assigned me to be the one in charged with a get together party to wish our co-employees the best into entering the married life. Part of my assignment is buying a gift for each of them. After thinking and asking suggestions from the people around me, I decided to buy gift certificates (because I don’t have time to choose and buy) from an appliances store. A lot of them agreed with me when I asked about giving the two kitchen appliances like ovens. Since I’m letting them buy their gifts. I’m also giving Mona, baking recipe book because she loves baking. And for Kathy, I’m giving her kitchen design book. I hope I’m doing this right. (fingers crossed). The party will be held next week. I still need to do some follow ups. Its kinda tiring, but its ok, we are looking forward to enjoy the party.

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