Thursday, May 23


This late afternoon I was indulged being a couch potato watching my favorite tv series. I was engrossed with this comedy series. Sad to say in was voice over with the national language here. But I enjoyed it at the same time I am learning a lot with the language. I remember back then we used to be a fan of radio drama series. We just listen to the voice actors and actresses in radio. Then we got crazy over the voice of a DJ because of his love letters, advices and the songs played in his programs. We were also amazed when we see them personally and be surprised that what we imagined how they look with their voice. I admire people with great voices too specially those who can sing well. I don't have that talent. Anyone who can hear me talk will be amazed with my childhood voice. I don't know maybe my voice box wasn't yet develop or so. They asked me if I know how to get mad. Why not try to provoked me either oh my! lol

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