Wednesday, March 12

Our grandiose gift

Whenever we need for hotel bookings or vacation destination, we always asked the recommendation of our friend who is a very expert to these matters. As a traveler himself he already knows a lot of good hotels and great recreational destination for the whole family. And so last week we visited him in his place to ask which hotel he can recommend us since we are planning for Las Vegas trip this summer. He suggested some choices which we felt good right away after we saw the pictures and location of the hotel. We will surely enjoy this vacation of ours especially in time of the summer vacation. It will serve as a grandiose gift to us, after all the hard work it is time to reward ourselves. We have a lot of plans to this trip and hoping we can all fulfill them and we are really excited as our friend gave us a lot of tips what to do and where to go in vegas. He also recommended us to his friend who lives there that they can help us with the transport through a rented car and a driver too. I am also meeting my aunt from California, she will have a vacation in Las vegas too with her family and so it will be a great family reunion to all of us. For now, we need to prepare a lot and we are very thankful to our friends for their help in making our wishes come true and we are all hoping for fun filled memories to keep soon.

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