Thursday, November 20

Driving soon

Getting a driver’s license is a great achievement. Young ones start driving here at the age of 17. They enroll to a driving school to study the laws, theory, signs, rules, vocabulary, and energy conservation. Then a practical experience driving around including night driving in the express highway. A practical road test will be given for about one hour. Once you pass the test you will be given a driver’s license valid for the rest of your life!

Her christmas gift

My niece likes music so much and she is wishing to try a new instrument which is a guitar. I asked my friend to scout the instrument and she found it at an online music Shop I am giving it to my niece as a Christmas gift and I am excited to see her reaction. I am also looking forward to hear her play on our family reunion soon. I wish her to keep up the good work!

Sunday, October 19

True friends

My friend loves to sew and the last time she made was the gorgeous camera straps I have ever seen. She made a pair for her cameras and I was so delighted about it that she offered to make straps for my camera. What a sweet friend she is that's why I love her not only with those things she made but as a whole person. She is a sister to me and we are friends since in kindergarten days. We have different likes she is into music but one thing in common about us is our love for photography, cooking and baking. We support each other interest and enjoy each other company.