Wednesday, November 26

Good choice

Hub's cousin bought a new house as they phoned me while ago inviting us to join them on their housewarming next month. The second hand house was their choice and I've already seen it because Hub and I were with them during their house hunting. Its good that they got that very nice house of 1,743 sq. ft. in a 200 sq. m. lot. with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. In front of the house is a front porch. It has also a garage, a large kitchen, carpeted floors, laundry rooms and skylights. What I love most about their house, its just located 5 minutes to a beautiful park, a shopping center near by and a 24 hour security. What a superb choice!

Holiday shopping

My sister wishes to have birthstone rings for mothers and so my friend and I scouted in the internet and we found an affordable one. I decided to give that as her Christmas gift and I hope she will like it. Anyway, I am not yet finish with my gift shopping and so I am still thinking what gift I can give to my parents. I hope I can find the perfect gift for them soon.

Thursday, November 20

Driving soon

Getting a driver’s license is a great achievement. Young ones start driving here at the age of 17. They enroll to a driving school to study the laws, theory, signs, rules, vocabulary, and energy conservation. Then a practical experience driving around including night driving in the express highway. A practical road test will be given for about one hour. Once you pass the test you will be given a driver’s license valid for the rest of your life!